50 BEST RESTAURANTS Die Liste von 51-100

update: Die Plätze 1 bis 50

This year's 51-100 list of The World's Best Restaurants welcomes 11 new entries after the number of overall votes was significantly expanded. The diversity of the list is enhanced by the wider reach of the voting Academy in 2017.

Reflecting the breadth of the global gastronomic scene, the 2017 list includes debuts from Mexico (Sud 777, No.75), USA (Atelier Crenn, No.83), Russia (Selfie, No.88), South Korea (Mingles, No.89), Denmark (Kadeau, No.94), Japan (Sushi Saito, No. 97 and Florilège, No.99) and Brazil (Olympe, No.100).

Hiša Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia, is also among the first-time entries. Fronted by Ana Roš, named The World's Best Female Chef 2017, Hiša Franko emerges at No.69.

New York's Momofuku Ko makes the most significant climb, rising 39 places. Among the nine USA restaurants in the 51-100 list, Momofuku Ko claims the highest ranking at No.58.

Disfrutar in Barcelona has multiple reasons to celebrate. Recently named the 2017 winner of the Miele One To Watch Award, the restaurant, fronted by three former El Bulli chefs, debuts at No.55, making it the leading Spanish restaurant and the highest new entry on the 51-100 list.

Nine establishments honoured at this year's Asia's 50 Best Restaurants awards, which took place in Bangkok in February, are included on the 2017 51-100 list, including three from Japan. Tokyo's Nihonryori RyuGin (No.52) claims the top ranking among Asia's entries, one place ahead of Singapore's Burnt Ends (No.53). Odette in Singapore, winner of the Highest New Entry at Asia's 50 Best Restaurants awards, debuts at No.86 while 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Hong Kong rises an impressive 26 places to No.60.

The 51-100 list includes five restaurants honoured at the 2016 Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony. Mexico's Biko (No.65) lands ahead of newcomer Sud 777 (No.75) as well as Brazil-based entries Lasai (No.76), Mani (No.81) and Olympe (No.100), the latter making its debut on the list.

Among the four entries from France, La Grenouillère, in the rural setting of La Madeleine Sous Montreuil, leads the contingent at No.64, ahead of three established but very different Parisian restaurants - Le Cinq (No.80), Le Chateaubriand (No.93) and Epicure (No.96).

The UK counts three London-based restaurants on the list, namely Lyle's (No.54), St. John (No.91) and Hedone (No.98).

William Drew, Group Editor of The World's 50 Best Restaurants, said: "In anticipation of The World's 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony in Australia on April 5th, we're thrilled to share the 51-100 list. As well as showcasing emerging talent and highlighting new culinary trends, this group also features perennial favourites that demonstrate enduring quality. Overall, the list reflects of the diversity, promise and excitement surrounding global gastronomy."

The 51-100 list originates from the votes of The World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy as part of same process that creates the 1-50 ranking. For 2017, the Academy was expanded to include 1,040 voters worldwide, with each member casting 10 votes for their best restaurants (up from 7 in 2016). Of these 10 choices, at least 4 must be for restaurants outside of the voter's home region.

This expansion increased the number of overall voters by some 52%, helping to reinforce the robust and credible nature of the resulting list. It also provides a significantly wider data set from which to identify the next generation of world-class restaurants, as well as up-and-coming cuisines, regions and movements. The voting process and results continue to be independently adjudicated by Deloitte.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2017 will be announced on Wednesday, April 5th in Melbourne.

The restaurants ranked from 51 to 100:

51 Mikla Istanbul, Turkey

52 Nihonryori RyuGin Tokyo, Japan

53 Burnt Ends Singapore

54 Lyle's London, England

55 Disfrutar Barcelona, Spain Winner: Miele One To Watch Award New Entry

56 Nerua Bilbao, Spain

57 Fäviken Järpen, Sweden

58 Momofuku Ko New York, USA

59 Combal Zero Rivoli, Italy

60 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana Hong Kong, China

61 Hertog Jan Bruges, Belgium

62 Quique Dacosta Denia, Spain

63 The Test Kitchen Cape Town, South Africa

64 La Grenouillère La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil

65 Biko Mexico City, Mexico

66 Estela New York, USA

67 Benu San Francisco, USA

68 The French Laundry Yountville, USA

69 Hiša Franko Kobarid, Slovenia Ana Roš Winner: The World's Best Female Chef 2017 New Entry

70 Aqua Wolfsburg, Germany

71 Lung King Heen Hong Kong,China

72 Schloss Schauenstein Fürstenau, Switzerland

73 La Colombe Cape Town, South Africa

74 The Jane Antwerp, Belgium

75 Sud 777 Mexico City, Mexico New Entry

76 Lasai Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

77 Martin Berasategui Lasarte-Oria, Spain

78 Indian Accent New Delhi, India

79 Maaemo Oslo, Norway

80 Le Cinq Paris, France

81 Maní São Paulo, Brazil

82 Chef's Table At Brooklyn Fare New York, USA

83 Atelier Crenn San Francisco, USA New Entry

84 The Restaurant at Meadowood St Helena, USA

85 Belcanto Lisbon, Portugal

86 Odette Singapore New Entry

87 Per Se New York, USA

88 Selfie Moscow, Russia New Entry

89 Mingles Seoul, Korea New Entry

90 Manresa Los Gatos, USA

91 St John London, England

92 Twins Moscow, Russia

93 Le Chateaubriand Paris, France

94 Kadeau Copenhagen, Denmark New Entry

95 Quay Sydney, Australia

96 Epicure Paris, France

97 Sushi Saito Tokyo, Japan New Entry

98 Hedone London, England

99 Florilège Tokyo, Japan New Entry

100 Olympe Rio de Janeiro, Brazil New Entry