09. Januar 2008


Sabrina Small ruft im American Guest Blog zum GRUB! auf ...

GRUB! When: January 19, 2008, 6 pm (please come at/close to 6 so we can all share a meal together)

Where: Berlin-Mitte near Zionskirchplatz (please email grubberlin(at)  for the address)

What: Bring a dish from home. Couples are asked to contribute a drink, too. Please bring your own reusable dishes (plate, bowl, and cup) and silverware. You should also bring everything you need to serve your dish (serving bowl/platter, serving utensils)! Thank you! RSVP: grubberlin(at)

 Grub is about cooking, but it's also about exploring where we live through food. We had such a good time at the November Grub that we want to try it again in January! Your task is to cook something from home, whatever home means to you: your hometown, your native or adopted country, your neighborhood, street, or apartment: be creative! Again, Grub is about cooking with local (to your home/Berlin), organic, and sustainable ingredients, so try to incorporate this into your dish. Berlin is full of interesting food shops with all sorts of local treats. The local markets listed below are great places for ingredient/food shopping. You are also welcome to email us for cooking/seasonal ingredient ideas.

Ideally, drinks should also reflect the Grub sprit. Berlin is full of idiosyncratic wine shops, the Bio-Laeden also have quirky beer and juices. There are even a few local-ish breweries (

There are lots of opportunities for drinking Becks or Coca Cola, but we think Grub is a great opportunity to try something a little more interesting! Some nice wine/alcohol shops are listed at:

 Hope to see you soon!

Becca & Sylee

Inspiration & Resources:

History: GrubBerlin (a spin-off of the original Grub in Berkeley, California) is a celebration of diverse people coming together for a delicious meal, good company, and good conversation; sort of a modern potluck in which everyone will cook something to share. Grub is also a way to practice the ways in which buying and cooking with food that is grown locally, organically, and sustainably both tastes good and can improve our community and the world. This isn't always possible, but it's a nice goal!

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