Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2017 Nur 2 Sterne für Juan Amador

Michelin is pleased to unveil the 36th selection of the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe 2017, which covers 44 cities in 20 countries and recommends a total of 2,332 restaurants. "The MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe 2017 reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the culinary scene in Europe's major cities" comments Michael ELLIS, International Director in charge of the MICHELIN guides. Europe is a veritable crossroad of cultural and economic exchanges and has seen a huge development in its gastronomic scene and in its culinary offering in recent years".

A restaurant located in Austria obtains two stars in the new selection: Amador, located in Vienna. Rebecca BURR, head of the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe 2017 selection says: "This restaurant is set within an elegant vaulted stone cellar and its glazed wall offers diners a unique view of the wine barrels. The young but experienced chef creates sophisticated, intensely flavoured, artfully presented dishes crafted from top quality ingredients." In total, 12 restaurants have been newly awarded Two Stars, bringing the total number in the guide to 91.

51 restaurants have obtained One MICHELIN Star in the 2017 selection, raising the total to 386 restaurants with one star in this year's guide. "Thanks to a new generation of young chefs who show their ability to cook at a high level, there has never been a broader choice of great places to dine, often in a casual, relaxed atmosphere" continues Michael ELLIS.

Regarding restaurants awarded three Michelin stars, the MICHELIN guide Main cities of Europe features a total of 20 restaurants, including one new addition, Lasarte, located in Barcelona.

As well as the MICHELIN Stars, the Bib Gourmand - an award which recognises good quality, good value cooking - is also very popular with. 50 Bib Gourmand have been added to the Main Cities of Europe guide this year, bringing the total to 311. Year after year, Bib Gourmand meets with great success both with the public, delighted with all the good ideas, and with professionals who have taken over this niche to promote high quality cuisine that combines simplicity, conviviality and reasonable prices. Sometimes overlooked, but more and more numerous, these restaurants - real favourites with the inspectors - delight MICHELIN Guide clients because whatever the type of cuisine they can always expect high quality within a sensible budget.

Written in English, the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe is aimed primarily at business travellers who regularly journey throughout Europe but it is also ideal for leisure guests wishing to discover Europe's most romantic and culturally stimulating cities. Alongside written descriptions of every establishment the guide features useful information including city maps and practical information.
Available in sales outlets from 9th March, the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe 2017 is also available as an app. You can follow the anonymous Michelin Inspectors on Twitter @MichelinGuideUK and @guideMichelinFR

Austria (Vienna, Salzburg) - Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp) - Czech - Republic (Prague) - Denmark (Copenhagen, Aarhus) - Finland (Helsinki) - France (Paris, Lyons, Strasbourg) - Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich) - Greece (Athens) - Hungary (Budapest) - Ireland (Dublin) - Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Turin) - Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam) - Norway (Oslo) - Poland (Warsaw, Cracow) - Portugal (Lisbon) - Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia) - Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö) - Switzerland (Bern, Geneva, Zurich) - United Kingdom (London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow).

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