Michelin Nordic Countries Erster Dreier für Schweden

Der Nordic Guide hat nun 268 Sterne-Restaurants. "Björn Frantzén has created a unique vision of Nordic cuisine, combining sublime ingredients with astounding culinary techniques," sagte Michael Ellis, International Director MICHELIN Guides, zum neuen Dreier, "Björn Frantzén's gastronomic expression is truly worth the journey, and is a gustatory experience like no other."

Der 2018er Guide enthält auch zwei neue 2-Sterne-Restaurants. "Daniel Berlin in Skane Tranas, Sweden, where Chef Daniel Berlin makes wonderful use of local ingredients, with the emphasis on balance, purity and precision, and Kadeau in Copenhagen, Denmark. In this restaurant, the passion of the team, which is like a family, comes through in the cooking which is defined by finesse and intricacy."

Die 3-Sterne-Restaurants in den Nordic Countries:

Schweden - Frantzen in Stockholm

Norwegen - Maaemo in Oslo

Dänemark - Geranium in Kopenhagen

Die komplette Liste 2018: