Sternekoch René Redzepi ganz oben THE BEST CHEF AWARDS 2020

The winners of The Best Chef Awards 2020

  • The Best Chef Top100 Award powered by Perlage winner: René Redzepi from Denmark. The second place is for Björn Frantzen (Sweden), who won the award in 2019, and the third place goes to Dan Barber (USA), who wins two more awards.
  • The Best Chef Rising Star Award powered by Perrier-Jouët winner: Manoella ‘Manu’ Buffara (Brazil). This young chef wins this award as an appreciation for her talent and progress in the world of gastronomy.
  • The Best Chef Fol-LOVERS Award powered by Custom Culinary winner: Rafa Costa e Silva (Brazil). This award was introduced in 2018 to value the opinion of the audience of The Best Chef’s followers on social media.
  • The Best Chef Pastry Award powered by Valrhona winner: Xavi Donnay (Spain). This award celebrates the best pastry chef among all the chefs.
  • The Best Chef Food Art Award powered by Antonius Caviar winner: Alex Dilling (UK). This award is dedicated to the Best Artist among all the chefs.
  • The Best Chef New Entry Award powered by Le Nouveau Chef winner: Dan Barber (USA). This category award honours the chef who achieves the highest ranking amongst all the new candidates.
  • The Best Chef Voted by Chefs Award powered by LSG Group winner: Dan Barber (USA). This award is dedicated to the mostly voted chef by all the other chefs.
  • The Best Chef Science Award powered by Perlage winner: Rasmus Munk (Denmark). This award is a distinction for the chef who is outstanding in relation to research, experimental techniques and transformation.
  • The Best Chef Legend Award powered by Difference Coffee winner: Michel Bras (France). This category award celebrates the best chef who is not active in the kitchen as a chef anymore, but who still has a crucial impact on the world of gastronomy.